Sheila Parkins

Academy of Dance and Music

4701, boul. Saint-Jean
Dollard-des-Ormeaux, QC
H9H 2A7
☎ (514) 626-1981

Here is what our students and parents are saying

My daughters have been dancing at Sheila Parkins from the age of three. They are now 15, 12 and 8 and they love it. The teachers are all amazing and my daughters are so happy to come here every week. The school is very professional, organized and always warm and welcoming. We are so happy to be a part of this outstanding dance school, we consider it our second home!
We have been part of this studio for close to 5 years now and have all three daughters registered in dance and in music classes as well. The studio is managed with integrity and professionalism. The teachers and all the staff get to know the students, at both the recreational and competitive levels. It feels like a second family! The girls look forward to learning their dance routines and take pride in their performances.
 My eldest daughter is proud to be part of the competition team and represent a school that truly stands out.
Our daughters, Brianna and Jenna have been dancing at Sheila Parkins School of dance since they were each 3 year’s old. The art of dance has taught them discipline, routine, fitness and commitment. The teachers at Sheila are caring and provide personal attention. Our girls work very hard at their performances and the year-end show demonstrates their constant progress each year.
Sheila Parkins Academy of Dance and Music has been our home away from home for the last 13 years. From the day Jenna and Catherine joined the school, they have always felt a strong sense of belonging. They have had the opportunity to perform on stage, build strong friendships and create everlasting memories while doing what they love - Dance!
As I reflect on our many years at Sheila Parkins, I think of the care, nurturing and professionalism evident throughout the years. We have been so impressed by the quality of instruction and the level of organization and dedication exhibited by the teachers, staff and school. As well, with the addition of the music school 8 years ago, I have also personally had the chance to learn piano as well as take part in Zumba classes.
As this year’s recital approaches, we look forward to seeing all the beautiful dancers shine on stage! Thank you Ms. Sheila and the entire family at the studio. A moment of pride and joy for all!
The superb organization, excellent client communications, trained teachers, always going the extra mile to ensure that things are just right, are just a few of the outstanding qualities that set the school apart from others. That personalized touch we experienced from day one - that is just priceless. My daughter feels that she has found a home at Sheila Parkins where she can express her love for dance. We are looking forward to many more years together at your dance academy……sharing in the joy that it brings to Isabella each time she sets foot through your doors.
My daughter Jillian started dancing at Sheila Parkins at 4 years old and she is still dancing. She loves it! Now I also have my youngest daughter Miley who has started dancing and she too loves her classes and teachers. It is a great school and we are so happy to be a part of it.
I am alumni of the Academy; I danced from the age of 4 to the age of 15. They were some of the most wonderful years for me and now my daughter is in her 2nd year of dancing at Sheila Parkins. It has been a fabulous experience for her too!
My daughter has been at Sheila Parkins since she was 3. Every year she tries something different; Hip Hop, Jazz, etc… It is such a great school. The teachers are like family and they make the students feel so welcome. She loves coming to class every week!
It is a dream for the kids; I am so happy that I chose this school! It is amazing and we are going to be here for many more years that is sure!
Sheila Parkins Academy of Dance and Music is awesome!!! I started off with a jazz class. Then I added a hip hop class. Now I will be adding a tap class after seeing how much fun it was in summer dance camp. Dancing has become a passion of mine. My dream is to make it on to the competition team one day. I love this dance school!
My Mommy and I want to thank you so much for the great year of ballet. I learned so much and I had great fun. I can't wait to come back in the fall!
I've been dancing at Sheila Parkins for 3 years. You meet lots of new friends and have a great time. There are lots of dances to learn and it builds a lot of self-confidence.
I am still smiling from watching my daughter Julia's demonstration class. Since the first day of class I have been very impressed with your school's highly organized operation. I have heard Julia come back from class singing and dancing and practising the new techniques she has learned.
After seeing Victoria progress so quickly, and happy and comfortable in her world of dance, all my reservations have been put to rest. Your teachers have all have shown the degree of professionalism that I have never seen in a dance school, from my experience. Your whole staff has been very kind, patient, and knowledgeable. I would like to further add a special mention to your office staff with their special ability to confer with parents, on any subject material concerning events related to the school. I would also like to take a moment to congratulate you and your staff on the spectacular show, which went off like a Swiss watch, never late, and always on time and on cue, and well prepared. I am proud to say that I have chosen the right school for Victoria to continue in her dance lessons at such a professional and friendly environment as is Sheila Parkins School of Dance.
I'm very impressed with the school. I'm very happy with the teachers. It's a super school and I would recommend it to anybody.
This was our first year at Sheila Parkins Academy of Dance & Music and what a wonderful year it’s been for my 3 daughters. Upon arriving here from Vancouver and meeting with the school, it was immediate that this was the place for them. Their dance programs both on a recreational and a competitive level are nothing short of exceptional, and the music program for which two of my girls took part in was phenomenal, and they can’t wait to get started again.
The level of professionalism, the knowledge of their teachers (both in dance and music) their willingness to help, their desire to encourage and build on each child’s confidence is incredible, and greatly appreciated.
The Academy has become for my family our “second home”, and we look forward to another eventful & exciting year!
My daughter Emily has been dancing at Sheila Parkins for 12 years and has just completed her first year in the Teacher Training Program. As teacher assistants, this program really impresses on the students that it takes more than just teaching choreography to be a truly professional dance teacher. They learn the importance of being a role model for the younger students, they develop excellent leadership skills as well as a strong work ethic and understanding of the responsibilities they have to themselves and to others. This year, I watched her create her own choreography that won her a solo in the show at the end of the year. She demonstrated along with the teachers for the younger children, worked at picture day, dress rehearsals and backstage throughout the whole show weekend, all to help in the putting on of an incredible show at the end of the year. I am extremely impressed with the type of program that is offered.
It is truly amazing to see how Erin's dancing abilities and skills have progressed since she started at SPSOD four years ago. Each week she looks forward to her dance classes as each one brings her closer to her dream of becoming a professional dancer. We are grateful to all of the teachers and staff during the year and throughout the summer camp for instilling their passion for dance in Erin.
I've been dancing at Sheila Parkins for 12 years now, and I really love it there! I learned and progressed a lot throughout the years. Also the teachers are very talented and super nice! Plus, i made many new friends that share the same passion as me. Dancing at Sheila Parkins is a great experience and I would recommend it to anyone!
For the past 11 years, Tamara has participated in a variety of dance classes at the Sheila Parkins Academy of Dance and Music. Teachers were professional, patient and encouraging, and a place where they all could share their love of dance. The yearend shows were absolutely magnificent! We were overjoyed when music and voice lessons were added to the selection of courses. Tamara's voice couch was warm and loving. She was able to enhance her voice, show her how to use the strength in her body to sing, and to sing from her heart. Sheila Parkins Academy of Dance and Music is a place for your child to learn about the possibilities that exist within themselves.
While attending the GLEE camp at Sheila Parkins Academy of Dance and Music, I had my first acting class. It was amazing! We did many fun improvisation activities and learned scenes from the movie ANNIE. My family was very pleased with how much I learned in just one week. I can’t wait to start the acting classes in the fall.
I've been dancing here for 6 years & I really enjoy it here. I love jazz, hip hop, tap and ballet. I'm having an awesome time at Sheila Parkins!