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Academy of Dance and Music

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Dollard-des-Ormeaux, QC
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Congratulations to Matt on his amazing accomplishments throughout 2013, 2014 and 2015! Matthieu has been a student at Sheila Parkins Academy of Dance& Music since he was 8 years old!

A big win at the continent wide CANDANCE finals this summer gave Matthieu Handfield the confidence to pursue a professional dance career. “I felt like I’d won the whole world” he said.


Teen dancer wins big at national competition

Jessica Laventure from Global TV speaks to Kirkland teen Matthieu Handfield about being named Mister Teen Candance at the Candance national competition in Florida.

Matthieu’s 2015 Accomplishments

Candance National Finals in Orlando, Florida

Winner National Title Mr Teen Candance North America 2015!!


Tap Solo "You Make me Wanna" -choreographed by Abigail Roldan

Shine Ottawa : Diamond

Candance: Platinum

Attitude Ottawa : Platinum

10th Place Overall high score Senior Solos

Special award "Using Dancer body well"

Lyrical Solo " When I was your Man" -choregraphed by Jordana Rosenberg

Candance: : Diamond and Special Award "Tuned  and Refined"

1st Runner up Regional Teen  Mister

Attitude Ottawa: Diamond

Winner of Scholarship to Fresh Dance Intensive

Shine Gatineau: Diamond

Special award "Fluid Strength"

Tap Duet "Counting Stars" with Alia Abbas -Choreographed by Abigail Roldan

Candance Montreal: Platinum

Attitude: Platinum,1st place in catagory

Special Award" Dynamic Duo"

Shine Gatineau: Diamond

Special Award "Clean Tap Award"

Tap Duet " Happily Ever After" with Alia Abbas -Choreographed by Jordana Rosenberg

Candance Monreal: Platinum

Attitude Ottawa: Platinum

Special Award:  "Sweet Surprise"

5th place senior Duo/trio

Shine Gatineau: Diamond

Special Award "Power of two"

Jump convention 2015

Rockstar Award scholarship to Jump convention: outstanding performance and dedication

Dance Awards Workshop Scholarship: free tuition to 2016 Dance Awards Workshop

VIP Runner Up Scholarship: Eligibility to compete as soloist in The Dance Awards Orlando or Las Vegas July 2016

Matthieu’s 2014

Tap Solo " Tunnel Vision " -choreographed by Abigail Roland

Candance : Platinum

ADA Ottawa : Ultimate Gold

1st place in Category

1st Runner up Male Teen Dancer of the Year

Contemporary Ballet solo "Diversions" -choreographed by Mark Godden

Candance Montreal: Diamond

Winner Regional Teen Mister Candance

Recipient of BE Discovered Scholarship

Contemporary Duet "Always Midnight"  -choreographed by Jordana Rosenberg

Alia Abbas and Matthieu Handfield

Candance Montreal: Platinum

ADA Montreal: Gold

Shine Gatineau: Diamond Special Award "Purely Professional"

3rd place high score

IDance Convention 2014

Protege, Qualified for World Cup and Invited to Paris Summer Intensive